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Maaike de Boer
Maaike de Boer
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Based on feedback from our most successful customers as well as our own experience in the embroidery and print on-demand industry, we have compiled a list of useful tools that we're sure will help you multiply your success! Check them out below:

Internal Tools

  • Sizing breakdown generator – especially useful for bulk orders, our simple sizing breakdown generator makes it easy to decide on quantities of sizes by product / product variant with a heatmap and overview of totals. Simply duplicate the Google Sheet and replace the details in the relevant cells (note: you may have to update some formulas when adding new rows or columns).

External Tools

  • – Placeit helps you create convincing real-life mockups of your products on models in both photographs and videos.
  • – a premium AI-powered business name generator that scours the web for premium domains that are perfect for branding businesses and products.
  • – helps you generate a colour palette for your brand.
  • Moo – need business cards, flyers, or other paper-based promotional supplies? Moo makes it easy to design and order, offers a lot of flexibility, and has a strong commitment to sustainability. Plus, you'll get 20% off your first order using this link :)

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