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Maaike de Boer
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Embroidery digitisation

Embroidery digitisation is the process of converting your design from .png, .svg, .ai, or a similar image format into an embroidery file that an embroidery machine can read (usually a .dst file).

We charge a one-time €20 fee for digitising new embroidery designs and the process adds 24 - 48hrs to the usual production lead time.

Maximum dimensions

12cm x 12cm is the maximum size for on-demand embroidery designs. If an order is made via the platform for a design larger than this, the digitisation will be defaulted to 12cm and we will be unable to offer refunds.

Large complex design embroidery (back of jackets, horse blankets, etc) is possible for bulk orders on request but can take 1-2 hours per item to embroider so there are additional costs involved. Contact us so we can advise you on the design, size and colours.

Thread colours

We offer a total of 17 thread colours you can choose from for embroidery on-demand. These colours are outlined in the image below, and you can find the hex code for each colour in the following table. 

When you submit a new design for embroidery, we'll match each colour in your design to one of the thread colours below.

All our on-demand embroidery threads are made from 100% GRS recycled polyester, and the under thread we use is made from TENCEL™ Lyocell.


Colour Name


Yellow #fff107
Orange #e68d00
Red #b70000
Maroon #710025
Pink #ed00e7
Cotton Pink #ff98ff
Purple #9000c4
Lilac #d2a0ff
Blue #002fd6
Sky Blue #39adff
Navy #00003b
Green #008200
Army green #003e00
Sand #c9b280
White #f0f0f0
Black #0a0a0a



For bulk orders, a wider selection of thread colours is available on request. Other thread options such as TENCEL™ Lyocell and GOTS organic cotton thread are also available on request.

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