Can I use my own digitised file for embroidery?

Maaike de Boer
Maaike de Boer
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If you have a previously digitised embroidery file, we will review the quality and inform you if we can use it. Not all digitised embroidery files are equal so we generally recommend you let us create a high quality one for you.

Embroidery machines are operated by embroidery files that come in a variety of formats. We can handle the following formats: DSB, Uxx, PEC, PES, DSG, EXP, KSM, TBF, DST, EXX, DSZ, FXX and ZSK. The most well-known code in the embroidery industry is the DST code.

Note: it is not currently possible to upload embroidery files yourself on the Dropshirt platform, please send them and request a review via our contact form.

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