which Stanley/Stella Unisex T-Shirt is right for my brand?

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Stanley/Stella offers a range of blank, organic, unisex t-shirts awaiting your designs. From the street-style blaster to the iconic creator, you will undoubtedly be able to find whatever you are looking for to fit your brand.

Choosing a t-shirt can be difficult for anyone, particularly when faced with Stanley/Stella’s broad catalogue of styles and colours. Stanley/Stella offers sustainable t-shirts made entirely of organic cotton. Perhaps as noteworthy as the sustainability of these t-shirts is the nearly unbelievable range of colours offered by Stanley/Stella, with their most iconic t-shirt available in 80 colours. Due to the on demand nature of what we do at Dropshirt, we are able to offer your brand any and all of Stanley/Stella’s colours. So, your decisions are unlimited and you may understandably need a little help in choosing the t-shirts for your custom apparel. In this blog, we hope to offer you that help!

This article will walk through the subtleties and variations which set Stanley/Stella t-shirts apart from one another. Through comparisons of fit, style, fabrics, colour availability, and more, it will hopefully become clear — or at least a little clearer — which unisex t-shirt is right for your brand.

The blaster: oversized streetwear

Let’s kick off the review of Stanley/Stella sustainable tees with the most oversized — the blaster. With its big, boxy feel, this t-shirt is perfect for brands who’s customers are primarily in the world of the arts. At Dropshirt, the blaster is most popular among dance companies and the music industry, respectively. The relaxed fit gives the t-shirt mobility as well as a clear, urban style. The high neck of the t-shirt adds to this streetwear design and polishes off the oversized fit. 

Stanley Stella Blaster T-Shirt in Black. https://app.dropshirt.eu/product/STTU815-BLASTER
Blaster T-Shirt in Black

The blaster is a unique sustainable tee that is only available in 4 colours: black, india ink grey, white, and natural raw. While limited, the colour palette which is offered for this t-shirt is coherent with the trends of the street-style world and will undoubtedly provide for your brands needs for custom apparel for dance crews, hip hop music groups, and any other customers looking for the ultimate urban-clothing feel. Size chart

If your brand is interested in streetwear but finds the blaster to be a bit too oversized to work for your particular needs, the freestyler offers a relaxed fit which could be perfect for you.


The freestyler: flaunting fashion and durability

Freestyler T-Shirt in Natural Raw. https://app.dropshirt.eu/product/STTU788-FREESTYLER
Freestyler T-Shirt in Natural Raw

Available in 12 colours, this tee is perfect for brands wanting an urban clothing look and a relaxed fit. 

This tee offers a relaxed fit which is perfect for unisex merchandise. The heavy weight nature of the tee, and slightly rougher fabric give the freestyler its premium feel. In addition, the boxy fit ensures your brand will fit seamlessly into today’s street wear styles. It is this boxier look to the t-shirt that provides an edge which sets the freestyler apart from any regular tee and appeals to the scene of urban clothing and culture.

The types of Dropshirt customers for whom the freestyler is a top choice include premium street style brands and music groups. Whether it be an indie rock band design on dark heather grey or an urban clothing brand’s design on natural raw, this heavy weight t-shirt provides comfort, durability, and contemporary style to support your brand’s needs.

As one of the higher valued Stanley/Stella t-shirts, you can be confident in the quality of your streetwear-inspired apparel while showcasing your custom designs on a trendy, boxy fit.

So, you can be sure to flaunt fashionable style alongside your own personalised design when choosing to print on Stanley/Stella’s freestyler. Size chart


The fuser: the freestyler’s lighter cousin

If heavy weight is not your style, the fuser might hit closer to home. Offered in 17 colours, this t-shirt provides a similar relaxed fit perfect for a unisex custom tee, but is rid of the heavy weight and rougher material which is characteristic of the freestyler. From a festival print on Jojoba yellow, to fall designs on Burgundy red, the fuser guarantees a standard relaxed tee style with a light weight feel. 

Fuser T-Shirt in Jojoba. https://app.dropshirt.eu/product/STTU759-FUSER
Fuser T-Shirt in Jojoba

All in all, this sustainable t-shirt can be thought of as somewhat of a stylish staple piece as it maintains the trendy, relaxed fit of the freestyler but is made of a lighter fabric. At a slightly lower price range compared to the freestyler, the fuser also works well for brands looking for urban clothing-inspired apparel so your customers can fit into todays trendiest scenes. 

If you are held back by the choices of the 17 colours offered for this tee, then fret no longer because the fuser has now been reimagined to include the fuser dip dye, and you can look out for seasonal additions to the fuser collection throughout the year. Thus, the fuser’s versatility has extended beyond its fabric and into its potential colour combinations and styles. Size chart

However, if a relaxed fit is not your brand’s vibe, it is possible that neither the fuser or the freestyler would be your top choice. In this case, the medium fit of the rocker might be for you. 

The rocker: essential medium fit t-shirt

Rocker T-Shirt in Heather Grey. https://app.dropshirt.eu/product/STTU758-ROCKER
Rocker T-Shirt in Heather Grey

As Stanley/Stella’s essential unisex t-shirt, the rocker offers a medium fit which places this t-shirt between the fuser and the creator — which we will get to soon enough. This sustainable t-shirt appeals to brands who are looking for unisex custom apparel which a little more versatile than the characteristic street style of the freestyler and fuser. 

The rocker is offered in an impressive 25 colours, all of which are offered to your brand when you choose to order from Dropshirt. This t-shirt in particular is made using tubular construction, meaning there are no side seams. This gives the t-shirt a more generic fit, and allows for the rocker to be sold at a significantly lower price range. The generic fit and lower price mark make the rocker a popular choice for testing designs. Size chart

So, this t-shirt may be an essential, particularly for brands who are just starting out and are looking for unisex apparel available at a lower price and in a wide range of colours.  

However, if your brand is more particular about the fit of the t-shirt, then the sparker may be a more fitting choice. 

The sparker: heavy and classic

Sparker T-Shirt in Lava Grey. https://app.dropshirt.eu/product/STTM559-SPARKER
Sparker T-Shirt in Lava Grey

Unlike the rocker, the sparker has side seams which offer a more optimal fit for unisex apparel. This sustainable t-shirt comes in 17 colours (a little less than the rocker), and is a little heavier than both the rocker and creator. The medium fit makes this t-shirt a classic choice which, along with a fairly wide range of colour choices, offers versatility to brands who choose the sparker for custom apparel. 

The heaviness of the t-shirt adds a premium feel to the classic nature of the t-shirt similar to that of the freestyler. This means, while the potential audiences for the sparker are arguably more diverse than those of the urban clothing style freestyler, these two t-shirts share the appeal to brands looking for more premium-feeling clothing for their customers. Size chart

In a nutshell, the sparker is a heavier sustainable tee which maintains a classic look. This t-shirt can appeal to a wide range of brands and purposes. If you are looking for classic, your brand might choose to go with the premium feel of the sparker. Or, maybe your brand is interested in a classic tee that doesn’t have such a heavy feel. In this case, Stanley/Stella’s iconic creator t-shirt may offer you exactly what you are looking for. 

The creator: the iconic tee

Creator T-Shirt in Butter. https://app.dropshirt.eu/product/STTU755-CREATOR
Creator T-Shirt in Butter

Labelled as the “iconic unisex t-shirt” Stanley/Stella’s creator offers the breathability, and the fit of a classic t-shirt. The creator is available in a whopping 80 colours, all of which are offered by Dropshirt so that your brand is not limited in any way when choosing and designing custom apparel.

This tee really offers the basics for any of your brand’s purposes, whether it be events or day-to-day affairs. We have no doubt that your brand would find use for this staple piece in your custom apparel. 

The creator provides a medium unisex fit. This classic fit makes the creator a fool proof choice for featuring your unique designs. Think holiday-themed designs for halloween and easter, event designs for your startup, or every day t-shirts for your small business. The possibilities are endless with this lightweight, regular fit t-shirt. It is the t-shirts simplicity and the endless possibilities which follow that makes the creator so “iconic”.

If a classic tee is what you need, then the creator might be for you. Size chart

See the entire collection

Dropshirt aims to offer sustainability and ease in creating custom apparel. Hopefully this guide has made choosing from Stanley/Stella’s range of unisex, sustainable t-shirts a little bit easier. If sustainability is close to your heart and you love the designs of both the blaster and the creator, be sure to also check out the re-blaster and re-creator on Stanley/Stella’s catalogue.

These “re-tees” offer the same designs as the original versions of the t-shirts, but are made of 50% recycled cotton. 

Happy creating!

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